Silent Film Festival and Scholarship

In May 2021, my university professor in Scoring for Film at the University of Music Karlsruhe approached me with the opportunity to claim a scholarship by the Riemschneider-Stiftung Karlsruhe to score and showcase six silent short films at the Silent Film Festival Karlsruhe 2021, together with a co-student of mine.

Together, we chose to turn the screening into a semi-live performance with pre-composed music and live piano-accompaniment playing during the screening. Due to Covid-related delays, the project almost lasted 9 months until the screening at the end of January 2022. A valuable experience for me in terms of project and time management as well as cohesively composing music for more than just one scene. Additionally, composing for those silent films posed another challenge due to the missing voices and sound effects, therefore rendering the music even more important for propelling the story while commenting the actions seen on screen.