Since September 2023, I have been studying Scoring for Film and Contemporary Media at FSAE. This one-year program is packed with recordings and lectures about all the important parts of being a successful media composer. During the 15 different recording sessions, one gets to build a huge and valuable portfolio to show to film makers and developers, while learning from some of the best in their field. Conrad Pope, one of Hollywood’s greatest orchestrators, came in as a guest lecturer for two weeks, as well as Thomas Goss (Orchestration Online) or Mikolai Stroinski for Game Scoring. All the while, the briefs for the recordings allowed to delve into all the different genres and compositional approaches, so that I could try to diversify as much as I could throughout the year to have a widespread portfolio to show. With 21 students from 14 different countries, this was a unique and intriguing mixture of cultures and nationalities, sparking a whole new realm of inspiration and exchange.