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Born in 1997, I have started playing music when I was about three years old. Early on I was a member in many different orchestras and ensembles and chose music to be an intensified course at school.

When I got close to graduating from high school, I made the “reasonable” decision and started studying business informatics. Well, programming is fun and all, but I soon realised that music could never be just a hobby. During my studies I played in many different bands and orchestras again and as soon as I finished my degree, I started studying music informatics. In my second year I discovered my passion for musical theatre and music for media and focused on this ever since.

I have worked as a pianist, keyboarder and musical director at a theatre for three years and visited further education in “Advanced Film Scoring and Production”. While having my first few projects done and looking for new challenges, I am preparing for my Master’s program in Composition for Media next year.

(Picture by Roman Bischoff Photography)