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My goal is to tell stories through music. This can happen in the various media of today’s world (Film, TV, Streaming, Games) or on stage. My main compositional focus lies on a modern mix of orchestral and electronic music, where I can either make use of established patterns and compositional practices or create something entirely new and fresh (or both). For me the important thing is to support the existing narrative in the best and most immersive way possible. While I would consider Animation, Sci-Fi and Fantasy my strong suit, I am looking forward to further broadening my horizon and deliver the same quality in different areas and genres!

My experiences as a musical director for a German musical, as a composer for advertisement, participant in a silent film festival with three short silent films and short films and documentaries are a solid foundation for that. Apart from that I have been active for many years as a trumpetist and pianist/keyboarder in different ensembles from classical symphonic orchestras to progressive heavy metal and club music bands as well as being a keyboarder and pianist at theatres for three years.

Apart from my Bachelor’s degrees in Business informatics and music informatics, I visited a one-year preparatory course in Advanced Film Scoring and Production and the one-month long Screen Composer Academy 2023 to refine my skills as a composer and producer.
Currently I am studying at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe for my Master of Fine Arts in Scoring for Film and Contemporary Media.

(Picture by Roman Bischoff Photography)