Music production & Recording

Are you looking for a song? Do you have ideas and need them to be transformed into a piece or song? Are you singing or playing an instrument and looking for a playback? Do you have existing material but want it to sound better? Do you need a place with a mic to record your voice or instrument?


Especially for auditions or events and performances on tight budgets and short notice you do not always have the time, funds or possibility for live accompaniment. Reach out and let us build the perfect playback(s) for your purposes!


You worry about how to record your voice or your instrument? You need videos or audios for applications or auditions? You have song ideas prepared for which you need to record something? In my single recording space I can record you (and your instrument) to have a high quality audio track you can use for your purposes or to get implemented into a finished playback or song.

Music production

How to mix and produce music? What do I have to do to recordings to make them sound great? I have ideas in my mind but I cannot turn them into music myself!

That is what I am here for! I can take your raw material, tracks, sketches or ideas and will make the best out of them with my abilities. Creating songs from scratch, just mixing your voice or instrument to existing material or simply rebalancing and cleaning up the mix and the audio to get it to sound just right are examples of what I can do for you.